Construction companies continue to implement new technology to enhance the user experience, mobility, and speed for clients. With this in mind, technology providers are constantly developing on the latest systems.

As an example, RedTeam Software,, Orlando, Fla., is adopting the latest Material Design standards and components developed by Google,, Mountain View, Calif., for the next release of its construction project management application.

This development, which will include the integration of components from framework publishers including AngularJS and Node.js, will enable a responsive user interface and better usability on devices with different form factors, including phones and tablets.

It’s part of a holistic effort by RedTeam Software to ensure the highest quality experience by RedTeam users across all Internet-connected platforms. With this aim, the company selected a Google Material Design compliant framework for its responsive design that uses navigational tools carefully honed by Google for use by millions of on-the-go users.

RedTeam’s features were developed based on years of direct experience managing demanding and complex projects in the construction industry, according to Michael Wright, CEO, RedTeam Software.

With the new version of the company’s cloud-based software, users can manage their construction projects better, faster, and easier, regardless of the device they’re using or the environment. It is a bold next step in the company’s mission to empower clients to work smarter and more efficiently.

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