Construction companies continue to venture into the cloud, with a number of key benefits including: flexibility, agility, cost efficiency, and scalability, to name a few. With the right approach, the cloud can add big value.

More specifically, the cloud provides access from any location, allows services to be implemented faster, reduces ongoing server maintenance and management, and allows construction companies to easily scale up or down based on the number of users and apps.

As yet another example of a construction company launching a business venture in the cloud, HIKUU, a CMiC Co.,, Toronto, Ont., launched HIKUU Construction Cloud for both accountants and construction professional.

With HIKUU Construction Cloud, construction companies can now compete on a large scale by employing cloud-based technology. The results for these companies include streamlining processes and increasing efficiency by eliminating the need for costly IT hardware and upgrades.

The HIKUU Cloud interface features a straightforward design that is user friendly and easy to learn. This completely cloud-based technology is accessible from anywhere in the world on any device and ensures seamless operations for construction industry members.

While this is one recent example, a number of technology providers are coming to market with new solutions that are delivered in the cloud. This particular solution could offer an interesting new option for those companies that are looking to move accounting to the cloud.