Being able to access project data anywhere, anytime is essential in the construction industry, and requires a wireless network. For one company in particular, it recently deployed a new wireless network, which is a key in terms of providing drawings, detail, and design communications to field workers.

OpenRoute,, Seattle, Wash., now provides OnSite Wi-Fi technology to Bayley Construction,, Seattle, Wash. Employing a private broadband wireless network from OpenRoute, Bayley Construction applies lean construction processes—where the immediate access to rich data on the jobsite is paramount—even in those locations where traditional Wi-Fi and cellular networks are not available.

By arranging several briefcase-sized boxes—yellow and with enclosed antenna—an OnSite Wi-Fi network is easily established at strategic points around the jobsite. The network is arranged and deployed by employing the OpenRoute NetMeter app, which is compatible with most Android devices. In realtime, the NetMeter monitors network performance and supports users in positioning the OnSite Wi-Fi access point for optimum coverage. Additionally, the NetMeter app assists when access points need to be moved or repositioned as the jobsite develops.

This technology is particularly relevant to construction jobsites where cellular networks aren’t always available and current Wi-Fi equipment is expensive to set-up or not built to withstand the environment. OpenRoute’s OnSite Wi-Fi establishes networking capabilities in even the most challenging environments at maximum efficiency—as if it were back at the office.

Network hardware is designed to be rugged and reliable and initial pilots taught OpenRoute the importance of keeping deployment simple and highly flexible. As part of a user-friendly process, through the NetMeter app, the network is essentially self-deployed and can be quickly adjusted as a building is erected, or as a jobsite expands.

Essentially, technology like OpenRoute’s enables the field to establish a lean construction environment where daily communications are highly efficient and reliable.