While construction technology has become more common on projects, tedious manual processes are still all too frequent in the industry. How can technology help minimize the manual procedures that still exist on construction projects?

The Construction Industry Institute, www.construction-institute.org, Austin, Texas, says that with work packaging, or splitting projects into deliverable pieces, there is greater morale on projects, improved safety statistics, heightened productivity, and a decrease in total installed cost.

This is the case for JV Driver Projects Inc., www.jvdriver.com, Leduc, Alta. The company has found that workface packaging can improve efficiencies and safety on a project.

Mike Miketon, corporate project controls manager, JV Driver, says, “At the beginning of a job, we do the installation workface packaging … we are taking the scope of work, our large scope of work, and we are breaking it down into shifts, so by discipline and by shift. That enables us to plan and be safe.”

In addition to workface packaging, the company also uses technology to be able to improve visibility and communication on a project. For example, JV Driver was charged with expanding a major oil sands operation in northern Alberta and began using technology to manage resources on the large construction project.

On this particular project, JV Driver turned to Bentley Systems, www.bentley.com, Exton, Pa., and Intelliwave Technologies, www.intelliwavetechnologies.com, Leduc, Alta., to create a solution that would allow the project team to use technology to complete the project using fewer crew than usual.

Together, the companies created a solution that uses Bentley’s ConstructSim workface planning software with Intelliwave SiteSense RFID sensor technology to enable the successful installation of pipe and the facility’s tagged equipment pieces. JV Driver is able to use the technology to track equipment, materials, and even people.

“From a planning perspective and from a constructability perspective, this allows us such an advantage in the industry that I think that once people see what they can do … I think it will become standard,” says Miketon. “It is so much more efficient and for the barriers that we are facing with the labor force, even for material fabrication (and) transportation, I think it is going to be revolutionary.”

He goes on to say also that “we have only just begun to explore what innovation can do for the industry and I think we are going to see great things going forward.”

This is just one example of how workface packaging and technology can help the construction industry minimize the amount of tedious tasks on a job.

Interest in learning more about how work packaging and technology can help on a job? In the final eSeminar in a series, Bentley Systems will demonstrate on Friday how work packaging can be automated, along with the aggregation of key construction information and realtime visualization and insight into project status.