A good workflow gives organizations the ability to view, model, automate, process, and standardize projects, to increase efficiency and expedite turnaround. And today’s next generation of solutions are stepped up to meet a range of needs and objectives.

As an example of this evolution, CSSI (Computer Support Services Inc.), www.cssi.com, Lewisburg, Pa., is releasing Version 3.5 of its cutting-edge workflow software, CoreIntegrator Workflow, this week.

CoreIntegrator Workflow is a Web-based workflow and BPM (business process management) solution that can automate virtually any laborious and repetitive process within an organization.

When integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and other document-management systems for a paperless office and requiring only a standard Web browser to use, CoreIntegrator Workflow offers advantages like increased control over processes that span disparate offices or large numbers of participants, visibility of business botllenecks, realization of discounts—when available—for prompt processing, and accountability and compliance through standardized processing and a detailed audit trail.

Additional benefits of this new technology include drag-and-drop graphical workflow designer, and intuitive user interface. With these advantages, CoreIntegrator Workflow is an option for automating tasks such as invoice approval, travel and expense reimbursements, insurance claim approval, purchase order matching, employee onboarding, grant submission, and contract review—to name a few.

What’s more, Version 3.5 introduces new features such as globalization and localization; document versioning; document retention policies; inline editing of documents; multiple time zone support; bulk exporting of documents; searching of attached documents; and much more.

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