With the growing number of organizations falling victim to data breaches, organizations of all sizes are vulnerable to attacks. It might be time to ask yourself this very important question: Is your construction company next?

This is a topic we write about a lot here at Specialty Publishing Co. Editorial Director Peggy Smedley has covered the topic in-depth on sister publication Connected World magazine and on The Peggy Smedley Show. As she says in a blog earlier this year, report after report reveals that most companies have yet to put in the right cybersecurity to protect their company from a cyberattack and companies are still in denial. Is this the case for your construction company?

It is encouraging to see industry organizations recognizing that cybersecurity is a real concern and creating initiatives to address the issue. One recent example comes from CompTIA, http://www.comptia.org/, Washington, D.C., an association brought together to create an open dialogue in IT (information technology), which has launched a Cybersecurity Committee focusing on policies and initiatives to improve the security of the nation’s critical information infrastructure.

The committee looks to engage government leadership on critical information security concerns, which will help influence public policy and promote cybersecurity R&D (research and development). The committee’s focus is to create a dialogue for information security.

This initiative comes at a time when cybersecurity concerns are growing. The White House has even issued a press release that says critical infrastructure such as the electricity grid and transportation networks have suffered repeated cyber intrusions and cybercrime has increased throughout the past decade.

While efforts like these are great—we need organizations that will challenge government on information security concerns—what can your organization do today?

I hate to say it—your company is not immune. Every company that has electronic data is susceptible to an attack. Here at Constructech, we recognize creating a strategy for cybersecurity is likely one of the top objectives of your organization.

This is why we have asked Seth Danberry, president, Grid32 Cyber Security, to join us at Technology Day this year to identify steps to keep business secure. Danberry has nearly 20 years of experience managing and securing technology infrastructures, lending support to a number of organization. We believe he can be a great resource to your company, which is why we asked him to lead a session.

As we continue to navigate the sea of cybersecurity, education will be key. It is times like this that the industry needs to come together to discuss what to do next.

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